“Pecnik uses a variety of techniques to produce clay sculptures that almost seem to be a part of the Louisiana Landscape she honors. She uses texture and shape, combines beautiful glazes with natural ceramic and the colors of the earth in her work. The vessels and sculptured forms are a tribute to nature, and each piece has a voice that speaks respect for the earth.”

– Anne Price
     Arts Critic
     Baton Rouge Advocate

Inspired by nature, I work with clay in many ways using a variety of techniques and firing types. My pieces generally begin on the wheel as a whole, or in parts. Though I have no particular firing favorite, I do find the immediacy of the raku process, and its hauntingly beautiful surfaces, greatly alluring. I am constantly experimenting with different clays, glazes and firing techniques. In the past few years, I have incorporated other organic materials creating more sculptural forms. Though most of my work is functional, all of it is sculptural.

The shape and strength of my hands, work in collaboration with the nature of very wet clay on the wheel, centrifugal force, and gravity. Artistic results occur when persistence and faith, transcend chaos and collapse. It is a delicate dance performed with reverent delight. Clay, more than any other medium, is the very stuff of creation. It lives as the artist works it. It responds in kind to touch. Its poignant gestures suggest attitudes universally human. Clay, like man, is molded both from within and from without.Beauty is tempered by inner strength, while character (texture and shaping) is determined by forces acting upon it.

As I work, I believe that both the object and the creator are altered as the process of working creatively, flows in a volley of thought and touch. It is a never ending, circle dance.